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Sunday Services1,2

Unity Church of North Easton is located at 13 Main Street in North Easton, MA 02356. 

     Unity Church is handicapped accessible.

Where to park at Unity Church.

Unless noted otherwise below, all services are held at 10:30 am in the Sanctuary at this location.  Remember, if you miss a service, but would like to listen to the sermon, you can find it here in our Recorded Sermons Archive.

September Theme: Covenant

A covenant is a promise, or set of promises, that people make about how they want to be with one another. While many faiths are rooted in specific faith statements, Unitarian Universalism is covenantal. In other words, what binds us together as people of faith is a promise about how we will behave together and in the world. This month in worship we explore the promises that unite us as a congregation, and how our shared covenantal faith calls us to be people who truly practice what we preach.

Sunday, September 14: Servant Leadership, Rev. Kristin Grassel Schmidt, preaching. From Market Basket to our national congress, our world is filled with examples of ineffective leadership. For people to place trust in leadership, leaders much champion the common good rather than an individual agenda. For leaders to lead well, their communities must empower their leadership. This Sunday we will commission our leaders for this church year and consider the covenant that Unity Church has with those we’ve elected to lead us.

Sunday, September 21: This Is Our Great Covenant, Rev. Kristin Grassel Schmidt, preaching. While modern Unitarian Universalism looks very different from the centuries-old traditions that gave it birth, Unity Church would not be who we are today were it not for that heritage. This week in worship we will reflect on what binds us together as we trace the roots of our faith.

Sunday, September 28: The Love of Money, Rev. Paul Sprecher, preaching. Someone said that "the love of money is the root of all evil;" but the love of money is what seems to be driving the world economy. It seems that none of us can get enough! We covenant as a society to promote fairness, and growing inequality undermines that commitment.

We are pleased to welcome to our pulpit the Rev. Paul Sprecher, who began his ministry with the First Parish Church of Bridgewater just a few months ago. Please give him a warm Unity Church welcome to the area and thank him for sharing his time and gifts with us this Sunday!

October Theme: Forgiveness

In nearly every religious tradition, forgiveness is a sign of spiritual maturity. Our Universalist heritage taught that God’s very nature is that of loving forgiveness. But what does forgiveness really mean? How can I find forgiveness if the person I wronged won’t talk to me, or is no longer living? Does everyone deserve forgiveness, even if they have done great evil? This month we will address these and other questions about the work of forgiveness.

Sunday, October 5: True Confessions, Rev. Kristin Grassel Schmidt, preaching. Acknowledging when we haven’t been our best selves is an important part of healthy living. This Sunday we will explore the power of apology, and how making space in our worship for seeking and giving forgiveness helps us better welcome people “in the fullness of who they are."

Sunday, October 12: Forgiveness Undeserved, Rev. Kristin Grassel Schmidt, preaching. Why should we forgive someone who hasn’t even said they are sorry? How can we forgive someone when they could never right their wrong, even if they wanted to? This week’s sermon is about the power of forgiveness - not for the forgiven, but in the life of the forgiver.


1Severe Weather Policy: For the safety of our friends and members, in case of extreme weather conditions, please call the church office (508-238-6373) after 8:30 am on the day of the service for a message about whether the service has been cancelled.

2Listen here to a musical sampler.