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  • Unity Church Bed & Breakfast Fundraiser

Members of our church will host dancers, musicians and vendors for the weekend of the NEEFA festival and raise money for Unity Church!

WHAT: A few Unity Church members have space to house some festival attendees during the festival weekend for a nominal charge. The church will be the benefactor of the funds and the church members will be the benefactors of meeting some nice people.

WHEN: Friday-Sunday, April 21- 23, 2017


1.      Church members will provide you with a bed and/or floor space, a shower and a continental    breakfast Saturday and Sunday mornings (see below).

2.      Anna Linzi matches hosts with guests. Cell:781-727-7521,  email:

3.      Hosts and guests email each other to finalize details, like ‘check-in’ and ‘check-out’ times.

4.     Guests send checks to the church.

For THE ENTIRE WEEKEND we are asking for $75/person floor space and $100/person single bed space ~~ $175/bed for dbl/queen/king.

 Make checks out to and mail checks to:

Unity Church

9 Main St.

North Easton, MA 02356


What we need to know about you:

Please fill in the form below so that I can match you with a host that can accommodate your needs.


Musician/Dancer Questionnaire


Best phone #





Prefer a bed?  




 foldout couch

# in group? 



Will take floor space:  Yes____  No ____


Pets in home OK?  Yes__ No__ , if yes, what type: dog ___  cat ___ other____


Need accommodations for food allergies? Yes____  No ____


Children included? Yes___ No___  Under 7yrs___  7-13yrs____  13+____



Thank you for choosing us for your accommodations!






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