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Facilitating Spiritual Growth Through Personal Connections

What are Covenant Groups?

Covenant Groups are a way to help build and nurture personal connections and foster shared spiritual exploration. Our working truth is that all theology is grounded in personal experience. Our vision is to deepen and enlarge our shared ministry - to ourselves, to each other and to our community. Covenant Groups (also know as Small groups) are transforming many UU churches across the country.

How it works

Groups of 4-10 people meet monthly or twice a month for two hours at a member's house or at church to explore spiritual topics. Each group is guided by a volunteer facilitator. The group agrees to follow our covenant (see back panel), which acts as a common sense set of guidelines for respectful group interaction, and invites us to serve our church and our wider community.

Our Format

Each time a covenant group meets, we follow a format developed to create a spiritual setting and the structure needed to share our journeys, listen deeply and learn from the experience of others.

  • Opening Words
  • Chalice Lighting
  • Silence
  • Check-in
  • Topic Introduction (readings, quotes)
  • Group Discussion w/questions
  • “Likes and Wishes”
  • Closing Words
  • Extinguish the Chalice

Who typically joins a Covenant Group?

Men and women of all ages, marital and working statuses are members of covenant groups. There are long term church members and those new to the church. A diverse group allows for an interesting cross-section of ideas, opinions and personal experiences. So, come, come whoever you are!

How do I join?

Speak to our congregational President, Jason Gold, for more information.

Covenant Group News

The Emerson Covenant Group meets the first Monday of the month at the Easton home of May Lu Love. Each covenant group chooses what topics to discuss. This year, we are following the monthly service themes. Consider joing us as we share our thoughts and ideas in a comfortable conversation.

Hope to see you!

MaryLu Love, Audrey Davies, Cheryl Brigante, Sue Merow,  Nancy D'Uva, Stephanie Leighton, and Bob Champagne-Willis (and, of course, the memory of R.W. Emerson)